shannon | thunderstorm maternity session

you guys - I almost called it a day when I saw the storm rolling in but I. am. so. glad. I. didn't.

this session was one of my favourites of all time and I almost didn't photograph it because of the weather. I love storms, I love rain but I was, for obvious reasons, worried about my client and my equipment. but I took the risk and captured Shannon amongst the storm as it rolled in. there was thunder, there was lighting and towards the end of our session our hair even started to literally stand up and reach towards the sky (which we thought was freaky at the time, but later found out could mean that lightening could strike soon - ahhh!) but it was all worth it to capture these photographs of my beautiful, glowing friend!

Shannon has been my friend for a few years now and if you too, know Shannon, you know she is the kindest and most helpful person. she actually dove in head first and offered to help me photograph MY maternity photos with my camera when I was pregnant - I showed her a few basics with my camera and she took amazing photos of me and my bump with my second pregnancy. I still treasure those photos until this day. so, I was more than happy to get her and her beautiful bump in front of my camera when I found out she was expecting her third babe. thank you, Shannon, for allowing me to photograph not only you on this beautiful look-out point, but also another client.

and of course, thank you for braving the storm.

Shannon runs an amazing clothing company called Wild Moon Threads. Check her out on instagram @wildmoonthreads