A late August Dream Wedding...

I had the pleasure of meeting both Ariel and Ethan when I waitressed years ago at a local restaurant, where Ariel also worked. I remember Ethan popping into work to sit on bar and subtly flirting with Ariel while she bartended. I remember seeing the twinkle in both of their eyes during that time, and who would've thought looking back now, that they would be where they are today. Happily married!

Their day started off calm while the ladies all got their makeup and hair done and sipped mimosas. By the time Ariel was almost ready, her bridesmaids headed outside. Ariel slipped into her dress and put the final touches into her outfit with the help of her mother and sister. Once she was ready she went outside to where her bridesmaids were and was able to see their reaction to her final look. They were emotional and so happy for her and it showed not only then, but throughout the whole day.

We quickly all loaded up and headed to the Charlie Lake Church. Ethan's face lit up when he saw Ariel walk down the aisle with her father on her side. As I photographed their ceremony I heard sniffles from family members, touched by the moment. Ethan and Ariel were soon announced as "Mr. and Mrs. Ruby" and they walked down the aisle together, hand in hand, with whole-hearted smiles on their faces.

The wind and rain blew in off of Charlie Lake while we started with bridal party photos, but this group was so brave and bared the cold for the bride and groom. We were about to call it, when out of no where it cleared up! The universe knew we needed some peaceful weather for a couple more photo-ops and we were so lucky to receive that.

Once we were finished we headed off to Ariel and Ethan's reception where guests were waiting to congratulate them and dance the night away! Their first dance made me and my second shooter, Kalen, both tear up as well as the heart-felt speeches. It was the most perfect day shared between Ariel & Ethan and I am so lucky to have not only seen their love blossom, but also flourish into a love-filled marriage.

Congratulations to the Rubys!

As you scroll through these images, enjoy seeing the highlights of their day.

— Hilliary, Waves & Wildflowers Photography